Tuition Subsidies

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Lower Tuition for Eligible Families

Subsidy applications are reviewed throughout the year and awarded based on providing proof of income, and additional documentation listed on the application. Please click on the link for the Subsidy application and more details.

For returning families wishing to reapply for the Subsidy program for the next school year, a new application and supporting documents must be resubmitted annually. The due date for reapplying families is July 1st. If a reapplying family continues to qualify for the program, eligibility and availability will be shared by July 31st, and the newly awarded subsidy will begin on September 1st.

Please email completed form or direct any questions to Grace Corpuz, Center Director, Learning Links Palo Alto:

How much can you save in tuition?

Save 60%
off tuition
Save 40%
off tuition
Save 20%
off tuition
Family Size
If your gross monthly income is:
2 $7,480 $8,549 $9,617
3 $8,123 $9,283 $10,443
4 $9,406 $10,750 $12,094
5 $10,912 $12,740 $14,029
6 $12,417 $14,190 $15,964
7 $12,698 $14,512 $16,326
8 $12,981 $14,835 $16,690